People enjoy working for the cigarette industry. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, the hierarchies

are flat, and so there is plenty of scope for everyone to make a contribution. Performance is encouraged, recognised and honoured. Teams are often multi-national.

All jobs and openings are available to men and women alike.

There are many opportunities to enter the industry and develop in your career:

Qualified personnel from other industries are carefully prepared for their future work and are trained to work in professions such as a qualified machine operator.

We provide apprenticeship opportunities to qualify you for your future profession, for example as an electrician for business technology, as an electrical technician or as an office clerk. Please find out with our movie – We are JTI!

Combined degree courses provide you with a Bachelor’s degree.

Trainee programmes ease the entry into company life for qualified vocational school and university graduates. But jumping straight in after university also offers attractive opportunities.

The cigarette industry overall offers a variety of professional and career opportunities in companies that operate all over the world.

Take a look at your opportunities to be a skilled technician, technical specialist or manager with our members’ career portals!