With revenue of over € 20 billion and annual personnel expenses of € 700 million, the cigarette industry is a major economic force. Over 8,000 people work in the industry, with a further 20,000 jobs being dependent on it.

The German Cigarette Industry Employers’ Association (Arbeitgeberverband der Cigarettenindustrie e.V. or AdC) has represented the interests of the industry in matters of wage agreements and social policy since 1950. It aims to encourage a balanced, forward-looking approach to working relationships. More about the AdC

Our wage agreement policy creates solutions, both for the industry and its employees, in cooperation with its negotiating partner, the German Union for Workers in the Foodstuffs, Tobacco, Drinks and Public Houses Industry (Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten or NGG). Wage agreement policy

The cigarette industry offers many fascinating and varied job opportunities within companies active throughout the globe. Career